Over the years, Countries like Russia, Ukraine etc. have gained popularity among students as a popular destination for medical study. At present, Georgia is gaining importance as a destination among the medical students who want to pursue their higher study in a foreign country. 92% of the population in Georgia follows Christianity. Georgia is third safest country in the world.

In India, most of the families think two options as career choices either Engineering or medical. If someone is planning to study Medical science abroad or want to pursue as PG degree in Medicine, then he or she has a number of options to consider. Studying Medical science in countries like USE, UK and Australia can be too costly. But there are alternatives. Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China are gaining importance now a day among with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan etc. In terms of affordability and quality education of living, it is actually affordable, which is making Georgia trendy among the students coming from abroad.

About Georgia and Tbilisi

Georgia is a European country situated to the east of the famous Black Sea. Georgia is a country filled with amusing culture, religions along with mesmerizing landscapes and ancient history. Georgia is a nation where a person can find any of his likings. As one can find the snow clogged mountains, on the other hand endless Sea is waiting for you. Dense forest to captivating villages, Georgia will surely attract you.

The majority of the population in Georgia contains ethnic Georgians. The official Language of the country is Georgian, which is considered as one of the oldest languages in the world. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and it is situated on the banks of River Mtkvari. The whole city covers approximately an area of 726 Sq. Km. The populations of Tbilisi is around 1,345,000.

The city of Tbilisi is situated in the center of Eastern part of Georgia near the Trialeti Mountain range. As per Georgian legends, the city was founded in the 5th century.